LIzita's Face masks

handmade with 100% quilter's cotton

with a filter pocket and adjustable nose bridge

Masks are $18 each for adult sizes, $15 each for kid sizes.

+ $5 shipping/delivery for up to 5 masks.

Contactless delivery and pickup available within the Chicagoland area.

Orders can be shipped directly to your friends and family, just add $5 per address shipped. 

Masks are made to order, in the order it was received. Please allow a few days for it to be made! 

To order: Email me with number of masks requested (adult or kid size), fabric choice number(s), preferred shipping/delivery method & address, and payment method (Venmo, Chase Quickpay, PayPal or cash).

Make a mask donation! Sign up to pay-it-forward to help someone in need. Click here to sign up.

Need a mask? If you are in need of a face mask, but cannot afford one, contact me and I'll match you with an available donor. 

Fabric choices will be uploaded when available. Click below to see the latest! 

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Last updated 9/15/20 

About THe maker: LIz Sung

HELLO! I am a video producer​ and tango artist based in Chicago.

I started sewing masks in March 2020 to donate to healthcare workers, essential frontline workers and to the Navajo Nation. I'm selling masks to help me cover expenses so... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

If you like your mask, send me a photo! If you'd like to fund a mask donation, contact me and we can work on it together. 

Don't forget to check out the face mask instructions and tips below.

Stay SAFE and HEALTHY... we'll get through this TOGETHER!


Face Mask Instructions and Care:

Wear your mask as tightly fit to your face as possible! The less gaps around your nose and cheek, the better. 

ADJUSTABLE NOSE BRIDGE: Press firmly and shape around your nose for a good snug fit. 

GLASSES FOGGING UP? If you wear glasses or protective eye wear, you can minimize the amount of fogging by making sure your mask is sealed tight along the top of your mask. Make sure your glasses are sitting on top of your face mask, not underneath. You can also wash your glasses with regular soap and water, or use an anti-fog treatment. Additionally, you can fold a piece of tissue paper and sandwich it between the nose bridge and your nose. This will help absorb the warm humid air from your breathing!

TIE ON straps: Fit the head band over your head and tie the straps tight around the back of your neck. It's best to wear the mask flush against your skin, without any open gaps. If you want to switch out the ties for elastic, simply remove ties and thread your elastic thru the side gutters with a safety pin (attach end of elastic to safety pin).

FILTER POCKET can be used with any NON-WOVEN fabric such as tissues, paper coffee filters or polypropylene fabrics (ie: disposable kitchen towels). Place your filter material inside the pocket, and spread it out as evenly as you can (like changing a duvet cover!). Masks are meant to be worn with the filter pocket side facing in. 

After you put on your mask, DO NOT TOUCH the outside of the mask. Treat the exterior surface of the mask as if it has been contaminated!

TAKE OFF your mask ONLY by the straps. DO NOT remove by grabbing the front of the mask (because remember, it's contaminated!)

CLEAN your mask immediately after removing. Heat is a good method to sanitize the masks, the virus can not survive high heat. : 

Method 1: Wash with hot soapy water!

• Wash by hand with warmest soapy water you can withstand (don't burn your hands!). If you are using a washing machine, be sure to place inside a mesh garment bag to protect your mask and to extend it's longevity!

Method 2: Boil it!

• Using a pot filled with enough water to submerge your mask(s), bring water to a boil. Place your mask inside and swirl your mask with tongs for a few minutes. 

Method 3: Sterilize with heat!

• Temperatures between 165˚–200˚ F will kill the virus. Place your mask inside a paper bag and bake inside an oven at the lowest setting (200˚) for 30 minutes.

• If you have a Tatung Taiwanese Rice Cooker... you can also try this method! 

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